Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wondercon 2012 Props

Hi Everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted any new things lately. I just went to Wondercon!!!! I met so many new friends including FrankenFactory (toy above), who does resin figures. This raving rodent is called Mad Sad Mouse. She made this totally rad toy called Wolfgirl.
Wondercon included many indie toy companies, like Bugs and Plush! They make vinyl toys. I think that it's a very cute idea they included a sticker pack and two sets of wings. Bugs and Plush also had a fun custom display.

Here's three toys from Wondercon. One is from Bugs and Plush, one from Mixo, and another from Rustedhalo/Rusted Nail. Mixo does small cans called Kooky Kanz. They either have a small craft or yummy candy inside. I thought the Green lantern one looked the coolest. I also saw an upcoming zombie papercraft coming soon. OOOOOOOHHH!!!!!!

The Rusted Nail is a gallery in Arizona which feature custom skate decks, custom toys, and many more art. The custom above is called "The Rogue Trooper" by Leathers2000. Me and the owner of the shop, Danny talked about how Kidrobot kept on mass-producing and making great designs ruined.
Oh no! The Cheeky Monkeys have brainwashed Mad Sad Mouse and SB! Maybe the Cheeky Monkeys ARE brainwashed by Mad Sad Mouse and SB. Ok, I'm confused. LOL :)

I'd like to give props to Shea of FrankenFactory, the Frombies crew, Erick Scarecrow, Danny of Rusted Nail, Jerome Lu, and Bugs and Plush for making my Wondercon!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Earth Movement Art Show @ Kokoro Gallery RECAP

Me and Kirkland Jue playing roshambo

Hi Readers!

I was just at San Francisco to check out my show at Kokoro Gallery! It was super fun! I went to Kokoro Studio for the opening and the preview. Both nights were super busy! I did three pieces with my family, one with monkies, Jerome Lu and Sebastien Pablo, and one with Jeremy Brautman. Many other artists collaborated with their children to make pieces about the Japan earthquake.

I enjoyed looking at all the art pieces! Each one had different perspectives. Lamour Supreme and his daughter, Jolie did the 5 elements. Jeremy Madl's daughter, Mae Madl did a piece about losing a toy. Chris Shary and his son, Sam Shary made a piece about rocking into nature.

If you want to find more information on Earth Movement,

Here's the link to the Tumblr Page

And Here's the link to the Shop!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jeremyriad, Co-Curator of Earth Movement

Actually, I should really tell you about the person who will be curating Earth Movement with me. His name is Jeremy Brautman, or Jeremyriad. He has a blog about Popjects, or pop objects. He recently posted Earth Movement previews. Please check out his blog; he has some great things to say about the art scene. You can see him and I at Earth Movement at Kokoro Gallery March 1st.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Givaways and Pop-Up Shop for Earth Movement

These are the amazing people who donated a few toys to Earth Movement! Thank you guys! I gotta give some props to TAG, Lucy Moose, Betty Lou's Cake Pops, Maqet, Vannen Watches, Kidrobot, Circus Punks, Munky King, Color Ink Book, and Happy Panda toys for donating rad stuff to the givaways and pop-up shop for Earth Movement!

Here's the info from Earth Movement's Tumblr page: "We’re giving away STUFF from these outstanding people and companies! We’ll have a couple of cases of DIY toys, and we’ll give one to every kid under 17 who comes to the show during our Saturday, March 3rd opening (while supplies last)! By discretion of the curators, we will also give away available DIY toys to folks who are over 17 but embrace their inner kidult (without being overly obnoxious of course). The loot includes DIY OMIs, Circus Punks, Munnys, Little Cupcakes and more.

Additionally, we’ve got some very special giveaways to raffle off, like artist watches from Vannen, EARTH MOVEMENT-exclusive MAQET figurines and one awesome opportunity to have your doodle sewn into a stuffed plush by Lucy Moose all the way in Scotland!

Every kid artist in our show will also be entered into the raffle, and we will mail winners their prizes. Every attendee also gets a delicious Betty Lou’s Cake Pop on both March 1st and March 3rd (while supplies last).

Please click on our sponsors and check out their shops!"

You actually can click on them.

"H8 Lets you Down, I'll Help you Up" Custom Munny

Doing a custom Munny for the Rusted Nail Gallery was fun! My custom (above), "H8 lets you down, I'll help you Up" is currently in Arizona being visited by Arizonians. I made this cute couple for the "I <3 Munny" custom munny show case which opened just a few weeks ago.

I found out about this gallery through Designer Con in Pasadena, California. Another Arizonian shop called Lulubell Bodega had a booth there too, and will contribute a piece with their children for Earth Movement!

Here's some of my favorite pieces from the show:


I really enjoy this custom because I find this custom as a message saying love is a dark place and I found it one of the only dark pieces in the show. This custom looks like that Skyrim character, I guess because of his horns. Ha! Ha! :)


What a cute custom! This dunny-munny seems like a gold digger. I like the color involved in the custom because simplicity is great with dunnies!

Hollow Shells

Yet another cute custom. Just like the custom before this, I love the simplicity of color. I love the materials because they show cuteness and a parasite-like creature digging through the chest. I creature digging love this!

Allison Perez / Miss Zukie

I know Alison Perez from her toys named the Zukies. She recently released them as blind boxed figures. I like her Munny custom because her art is different in this piece. I also love this piece because of it standing on a grassy platform. I love platforms!

Check out the gallery page here.

See more customs here.

Moar Earth Movement Pieces!

Le Merde + Hondo
(Close up)

Dawn Barton + Sophia

Drilone + Isobel

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Earth Movement Art Show @ Kokoro Gallery

Hi Everyone!

Rumors have been said I was curating A THIRD SHOW I SAN FRANCISCO. Well, that's true! I will be curating a show with Jeremy Brautman at Kokoro Gallery called Earth Movement. The show is about the Japan Eartquake and collaborating with children in their community.

Before Earth Movement, there was a show called Love Movement. Artists, Shin & Nao were married and curated the marvelous show with help from Jeremy! Sadly, they witnessed the Japan Eartquake when they left.

There will be 50 artists in the show list including my BFFs, Lou Pimentel, Paul Cruikshank of Circus Punks, Toy Architects, and many more! Some of my kid friends, Cammy Edison, Sabi Pablo, David Biederman, and Dani Bowman will be in the show! There will be fun givaways, art, and a fun pop-up shop from more of my BFFs from Toy Art Gallery and Maqet.

The show Kicks off March 1st, 2012 for the preview, and March 3rd for the artist reception and afterparty.

Here's the adress for Kokoro Gallery:
Kokoro Studio 682 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

For more information go to or