Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wondercon 2012 Props

Hi Everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted any new things lately. I just went to Wondercon!!!! I met so many new friends including FrankenFactory (toy above), who does resin figures. This raving rodent is called Mad Sad Mouse. She made this totally rad toy called Wolfgirl.
Wondercon included many indie toy companies, like Bugs and Plush! They make vinyl toys. I think that it's a very cute idea they included a sticker pack and two sets of wings. Bugs and Plush also had a fun custom display.

Here's three toys from Wondercon. One is from Bugs and Plush, one from Mixo, and another from Rustedhalo/Rusted Nail. Mixo does small cans called Kooky Kanz. They either have a small craft or yummy candy inside. I thought the Green lantern one looked the coolest. I also saw an upcoming zombie papercraft coming soon. OOOOOOOHHH!!!!!!

The Rusted Nail is a gallery in Arizona which feature custom skate decks, custom toys, and many more art. The custom above is called "The Rogue Trooper" by Leathers2000. Me and the owner of the shop, Danny talked about how Kidrobot kept on mass-producing and making great designs ruined.
Oh no! The Cheeky Monkeys have brainwashed Mad Sad Mouse and SB! Maybe the Cheeky Monkeys ARE brainwashed by Mad Sad Mouse and SB. Ok, I'm confused. LOL :)

I'd like to give props to Shea of FrankenFactory, the Frombies crew, Erick Scarecrow, Danny of Rusted Nail, Jerome Lu, and Bugs and Plush for making my Wondercon!

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