Friday, March 9, 2012

Earth Movement Art Show @ Kokoro Gallery RECAP

Me and Kirkland Jue playing roshambo

Hi Readers!

I was just at San Francisco to check out my show at Kokoro Gallery! It was super fun! I went to Kokoro Studio for the opening and the preview. Both nights were super busy! I did three pieces with my family, one with monkies, Jerome Lu and Sebastien Pablo, and one with Jeremy Brautman. Many other artists collaborated with their children to make pieces about the Japan earthquake.

I enjoyed looking at all the art pieces! Each one had different perspectives. Lamour Supreme and his daughter, Jolie did the 5 elements. Jeremy Madl's daughter, Mae Madl did a piece about losing a toy. Chris Shary and his son, Sam Shary made a piece about rocking into nature.

If you want to find more information on Earth Movement,

Here's the link to the Tumblr Page

And Here's the link to the Shop!

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