Monday, March 10, 2014

8-Bit Heroes on Youtube!

Hello! This is Super Cooper, and I present to you a brand new project that I am doing with my friends on Youtube and (hopefully) Twitch!

I am a part of a brand new group called The 8-Bit Heroes. We will be playing and broadcasting a bunch of games off of our PCs, Macs, and even our iPhones! We are planning to start posting very soon. Hopefully by the next couple of weeks, we will get our first video up and running. It has been quite a slow pace for us since I need my mom to approve software and a couple of our computers broke down for various reasons. But we have fixed them and gotten new ones.

I have a wonderful cast of people I will play, commentate, and review video games with! My cool friend, Jake, is a big Minecraft fan and will be playing it. Another incredible, Nintendo-loving member named Kyle will be doing gameplay videos as well with Tips and Tricks. My other cool friend, Sal, will also be contributing a lot to our page. Also, I happen to know a future scientist by the name of Benji who will be doing game theories. Even more members are coming soon!

I will be putting up a couple of Top 10-ish videos, along the lines of "Top 10 Songs Based on Video Games" and "Top 10 Worst Gameboy Color Games." I will also be playing a lot of bootleg games, one called "Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal" which I will be playing a lot. I am also excited to play some iOS (or iPhone) games, and I (hopefully) will do art for it too! Feel free to recommend me some games you would like me to play ($10 or under with safe download, please! Thanks).

Please subscribe to the 8-Bit Heroes page at the link down below. We may not have any videos yet, but we will be sure to start with a bang!

-Super Cooper

More Art & Twitch Page Coming Soon...