Sunday, February 19, 2012

"H8 Lets you Down, I'll Help you Up" Custom Munny

Doing a custom Munny for the Rusted Nail Gallery was fun! My custom (above), "H8 lets you down, I'll help you Up" is currently in Arizona being visited by Arizonians. I made this cute couple for the "I <3 Munny" custom munny show case which opened just a few weeks ago.

I found out about this gallery through Designer Con in Pasadena, California. Another Arizonian shop called Lulubell Bodega had a booth there too, and will contribute a piece with their children for Earth Movement!

Here's some of my favorite pieces from the show:


I really enjoy this custom because I find this custom as a message saying love is a dark place and I found it one of the only dark pieces in the show. This custom looks like that Skyrim character, I guess because of his horns. Ha! Ha! :)


What a cute custom! This dunny-munny seems like a gold digger. I like the color involved in the custom because simplicity is great with dunnies!

Hollow Shells

Yet another cute custom. Just like the custom before this, I love the simplicity of color. I love the materials because they show cuteness and a parasite-like creature digging through the chest. I creature digging love this!

Allison Perez / Miss Zukie

I know Alison Perez from her toys named the Zukies. She recently released them as blind boxed figures. I like her Munny custom because her art is different in this piece. I also love this piece because of it standing on a grassy platform. I love platforms!

Check out the gallery page here.

See more customs here.

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